Give your customers what they really want Show your product to the world and start selling it now.

Seeing unlimited possibilities in the shopping fever, together we will look at your customers outside the box. We will analyze the ways to satisfy your client and to meet his expectations. Next, we will develop an appropriate strategy, mode of operation for your online store, and the necessary tools.

Convenient to use, intuitive to manage, user friendly, and with plenty of hi-tech functionalities. Your e-commerce website will have all that it needs to ensure effective sales. Including a practical and useful user interface.

Our approach to design is all about striving to achieve the maximum, while starting from the minimum. We are completely absorbed in looking for simple solutions. After all, we are physical beings and transparency is what appeals to us.

Thanks to business analysis and experience, we select solutions per the client's expectations and their industry needs.
We implement a transparent and well-planned online sales system implementation process.
We implement safe, intuitive and functional solutions, which makes them effective and easy to use.
We introduce effective measures to boost sales and build a competitive advantage.


Brodrene bets on Prestashop

The first distribution channel for Brodrene products was social media. An online store became the next natural direction. The project was extremely demanding. The client attached particular importance to the visual layer. Original product photos, own arrangements, and video materials forced the highest level of aesthetics and functionality for the entire implementation. Brodrene sets trends in the industry, and so do we.

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By instilling innovation, we give only what we would like to receive ourselves. And our clients appreciate it.

But what sets them apart is their effectiveness and resourcefulness. Without the unnecessary talking.


Factual advice on well-defined solutions. They center their actions around the client's business goal. Exemplary communication at every stage of work.


Proof of content in a month - we put the MVP to a test and if we succeed, we build a space shuttle.


Straight to the point, with a vision and a goal in mind - a truly comprehensive service. From implementation to effective promotion on Google.


Comprehensive implementation of the entire sales and logistics process. The gentlemen have extensive knowledge of e-commerce in every variant. And that's admirable.


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Mediocrity is not our cup of tea. We act differently to think differently. That’s what we can do. That’s what we understand. And that’s what we like.

We implement solutions that boost sales and allow you to build a competitive advantage. We propose products and services that we would like be offered ourselves.

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