Implementation Services

PrestaShop Implementation Services

Ecommerce Software Consulting

Ecommerce Software Consulting

We'll chat, analyze and advise the best solutions for your e-commerce business goals.
Graphic Design and UX Design

Graphic Design and UX Design

Based on your preferences or our teams' suggestions, we'll create a responsive, ergonomic, good-looking, and converting visual template.
Prestashop Implementation

Prestashop Implementation

We specialize in creating efficient and technologically optimized Prestashop stores. We have very experienced and certified developers.
Integration and Automation

Integration and Automation

We carry out implementations, configurations, and required ERP, PIM, and CRM module modifications. We can implement any functionality in your Prestashop store.
Migrating to Prestashop

Migrating to Prestashop

Due to 12 years of experience in e-commerce, we work with stores of all sizes and help them migrate from different platforms.
SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

We position PrestaShop stores. Due to having experience in this field, we begin optimizing the store's structure and speed during the designing process.
PrestaShop B2B

PrestaShop B2B

Equip your employees with the newest tools and begin accepting orders from wholesale clients. We'll adjust the PrestaShop platform to your business's needs.

Updating PrestaShop

Updating PrestaShop

We will implement updates in a safe and unnoticed way by your store's clients. We will also tell you which updates are worth making.
Maintenance and Development

Maintenance and Development

Our mentoring doesn't end after implementing the store. We're your partners for the whole time, and we will advise the newest technological solutions for you to always be ahead of your competitors.
Baselinker PrestaShop

Baselinker PrestaShop

Manage everything in one place: your Prestashop store, marketplace, couriers, finances, communication, price synchronization, and warehouse.
PIM PrestaShop

PIM PrestaShop

Ergonode is a PIM tool co-created by us. It helps to create, edit, manage and distribute product content efficiently.
PrestaShop Safety

PrestaShop Safety

We offer stability, regular updates, safety copies, securing the administration panel, and antivirus software.
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How do we implement PrestaShop store

Contact and Analyzation
Contact and Analyzation
Tell us about your project. We want to learn about your business goals and advise the most optimal solution. Maybe a different one than a PrestaShop store.
Free Quotation
Free Quotation
Based on your business needs, our certified PrestaShop team will estimate the time and cost of implementing your project.
We will begin the design process and programming. A full overview of the implementation process can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.
We implement efficient actions to increase sales and build competitive advantage.

Free Quote in 24 hours

During a no-obligation phone call with an IT architect, you will discuss the project and get to know the cost estimation, and within 24 hours you will receive an initial quote for your implementation.
Free Quote in 24 hours
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Effects of Our Work

Effects of Our Work

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Clients about us

“But what sets them apart is their effectiveness and resourcefulness. Without the unnecessary talking.”

Joanna Strapagiel - Trafika - CEO

“Factual advice on well-defined solutions. They center their actions around the client's business goal. Exemplary communication at every stage of work.”

Jerzy Napadłek - Ella Boutique - CEO

“Proof of content in a month - we put the MVP to a test and if we succeed, we build a space shuttle.”

Ewelina Janiak - Kenay Europe - E-commerce Manager

Free Consultation

The initial online interview will take less than 50 minutes. Each implementation is different, so there is no standard price list. During online meeting with our IT architect, you will discuss the project and receive cost estimates for your implementation.
Free Consultation
Why PrestaShop Platform?
Why PrestaShop Platform?
PrestaShop is a leading open-source platforma in Europe. There are over 300,000 online stores around the world that use this platform, making it the most famous tool of current times. In Poland alone, there are over 21,000 established stores.
PrestaShop is an open-source tool. Contrary to SAAS (for example Shoper, Shopify), on PrestaShop, you own the code and have full control of it. PrestaShop gives you full access to the source code. You can see how its core works and how you can scale it in a safe and controlled way. So it is not economical to build your platform from scratch when you can use an already refined solution. The software is constantly updated and developed. In December 2021, PrestaShop was taken over by the large MBE Worldwide concern and announced the acceleration of work on the development of the platform.
Why PrestaShop Platform?
Why PrestaShop Platform?
There is also a huge number of ready-made modules that will extend your store with many functionalities and integration with the most popular marketplaces (e.g. Allegro), payment systems, social platforms or Marketing Automation tools. You can visually and functionally adapt the open source store to your needs. You can implement any functionality, no matter how complex it is. In addition, you can integrate the store with ERP, PIM or CRM systems that you have used so far in your business.
Our team has over 12 years of experience in implementing and running e-commerce projects in PrestaShop technology. We have already implemented most of the functionalities you will need with our partners, so we have the experience.
Why PrestaShop Platform?
Why PrestaShop Platform?
Examples of the largest brands that use the PrestaShop platform are Castorama, Decathlon, or the Polish brand Martes Store, where monthly visits exceed even 2,000,000 users. A myth has been created that only small and medium-sized stores are implemented on PrestaShop. Thanks to the implementation of our technological optimizations, your PrestaShop store can handle even more than 100,000 products.

PrestaShop B2B Implementation Services

PrestaShop B2B Implementation Services
A well implemented B2B platform allows you to integrate online and offline sales. Thanks to PrestaShop, you are able to integrate warehouse systems, ERP and CRM. You will cut the costs thanks to the automation of many tasks which were done by employees until now.
PrestaShop B2B Implementation Services
Ordering Online
In most industries, the number of B2B clients who don’t want to be in touch with a salesperson is growing. They prefer to shop through e-commerce platforms if ordering in bulk is fast and intuitive. Otherwise they may decide to go to the competition.
PrestaShop B2B Implementation Services
Creating Offers
PrestaShop may help your sales department in preparing personalized, good-looking and precise offers. Sales representatives can spend their saved time on building relationships or finding new clients.
PrestaShop B2B Implementation Services
Discount Thresholds
You can create different discount thresholds. The system will automatically apply the discount threshold to a client who’s order reaches the set level. The number of conditions for granting discount thresholds is limited only by your imagination.
PrestaShop B2B Implementation Services
Individual Discounting
In B2B, it is common practice that due to negotiated discounts, each customer may have a different price for the same product. In PrestaShop, we can implement a functionality that allows you to give each customer an individual discount level.
PrestaShop B2B Implementation Services
Order History
B2B customers appreciate the ability to access all sales documents available in one place. Procurement departments also like to be able to check previous orders, create standard shopping carts and even monthly standing orders. Another useful feature is the ability to check the status of your current order.
Frequently asked questions - PrestaShop implementation services
That’s just like asking - what is the cost of accounting?
Without knowing the basic data regarding a business, you can’t even give an estimated price.

For a small business, it will be approximately a few hundred złoty per month but, for a big firm, it may vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands zloty per month.

It is similar when it comes to PrestaShop implementations. It’s hard to estimate a price without knowing the scale of the project. A small store can be implemented for a few thousand dollars.

However, we have also implemented large stores with a personalized and technologically optimized template to handle several thousand products, and with a large number of integrations with the software currently used in the company. Such an implementation cost the client over $20 000.

That is why the best way to get an estimated cost for implementing or running the store on PrestaShop is by contacting us and getting a free quotation.

The second option is to read our article - The cost of implementing PrestaShop in which we explain prices for specific stores and integrations.
The time of implementing the store, which is preparing the UX and UI design, programming work, adding integrations, and giving the customer a ready and working PrestaShop store is 2 months. Even in the case of a store with a dedicated template created from scratch.

Before you can sell products, of course, you have to have the time to add products to the store which means creating and adding titles, descriptions, and photos of products. If you and your team prepare everything on time, you will begin selling within two months of starting cooperation with us.

In the case of migrating from another platform, most of the data can be automatically imported so the store transfer process will also take no longer than 2 months. On our blog, we described the process of transferring a store from Shoper to PrestaShop in detail.

A small, basic store can be implemented even within a few days if necessary.

In reality, implementing changes to the store never ends. Most e-commerce are constantly improved and updated in terms of technology, UX, or SEO.
In one of our articles, we explained the process of implementing a store on PrestaShop regarding the cooperation between you and our agency after signing the contract. We recommend you read this article. However, below we have described in more detail what happens before the start of cooperation and after giving you an already operating store.

The project will have several phases, among which we distinguish 5 main ones:

  1. Contact and analysis - the first step is to arrange a free consultation. First, you will speak to our IT architect and we will verify if PrestaShop is the best choice for your project. Within 24 hours of the conversation, you will receive an estimated quotation, and if you’re interested then we will arrange an online consultation to discuss the details of the project. If necessary, we can meet offline. If the project requires a bigger team, we can invite more people from your team or specialists from our team to the second and next meetings, for example an IT architect, project manager, UX designer, or SEO specialist.
  2. Evaluation and the Agreement - based on the data collected in the analysis process, our team will determine the scope of the project and prepare a cost evaluation. If it is accepted, we will prepare an implementation contract. We wrote about what should be included in the contract and what the methods of billing in projects are in the article on how to choose a PrestaShop agency.
  3. Implementing the PrestaShop store:
    • Graphic design - before implementing programming work, first create a graphic design - in the case of personalized templates. Thanks to this, you can see the visual appearance of your store and if necessary, we can make corrections that, unlike in traditional project implementations, are possible, easy, and much cheaper than making corrections after implementing a ready store on the PrestaShop platform.
    • Development - after accepting the store design, our team of programmers begins the implementation of the store.
    • Software tests - before the store is available online, our testers check if all of the functions and processes in the store are working correctly.
    • Implementing products and content - training on how to administrate the store. We explained this topic in the “Is it easy to use the administration panel in PrestaShop?” section.
      1. SEO - You can leave positioning your store to us. We will help you optimize content, acquire the right amount and quality of links, and optimize the store technologically if it wasn’t implemented by us so that Google doesn’t lower your ranks while positioning the store.
      2. A/B tests - Once you have the right amount of traffic and analytics tools in your store, it's worth starting to introduce A/B tests. These are tests thanks to which you can increase the conversion in your store. For example, we saw a case where changing just the color of the "subscribe" button from blue to orange increased the conversion of newsletter signup by 43%. In UX design, there are certain standards for individual industries that give the best results, but it is true that everything needs to be tested because each store has a different group of users who behave and make decisions in a different way. If the change increases sales after a given test, then we implement it permanently in your store.
We work in a task management system called TeamWork. We use it to plan tasks for each week and then register each work hour. Thanks to this you will be able to see the whole process and communication. The communication between the implementation team is also visible.

Thanks to a task management system we are 100% transparent when it comes to time spent on a project. If you choose to pay by the hour, you will be able to see which employee did what with every minute that you pay for.

We also use the method of cyclical meetings in which you will participate, called sprints. With smaller projects, we meet once a week, with larger ones, or at your request, you can participate in them less often.

Additionally, we create a demo version of the store which isn’t available to the public but allows you to follow the progress live during programming work when the store is already working but isn’t 100% finished yet.
One of PrestaShop’s biggest attributes is the administration panel which stands out due to its intuitive use. It differs from the most popular blogging platform WordPress because PrestaShop's panel was created for managing eCommerce from the start.

Additionally, after finishing your implementation, you will receive videos that explain how to use the administration panel step by step. Thanks to these materials, you will be able to train team members easily even when new people join you in the future.

Also if you face any challenges, your dedicated project coordinator will be happy to answer any questions.
Our programmers have finished courses and received certificates from Prestashop.

We are one of 10 Prestashop partner agencies in Poland.

Our specialists use dedicated closed Prestashop training for agencies, where we gain knowledge about implemented novelties and best practices in designing and programming stores and modules.

We have access to dedicated Prestashop support.
Yes, you can store your Prestashop store’s files on your server.

If you don’t have one, we will advise which server will be the most optimal based on the specification of your project.

If you already have a server used for a different purpose, we will check if it meets all of the requirements, and if necessary then we will adjust it to Prestashop’s requirements.
Of course. In fact, every shop that earns money on Prestashop is regularly developed with new functionalities such as logistics systems, ERP, PIM, or graphical changes to adapt the user experience to your target group.

However, it’s worth checking if Prestashop is the right choice for you at the start.

To test a business idea, SAAS platforms are usually a better solution. We wrote about it in the article regarding when it is worth moving a store from Shoper to Prestashop.

Of course it will be best if you make an appointment for a free consultation, tell us about your project and allow us to advise which platform will be the best solution for you.
Our agency can perform many services for you to improve your store. Review and correction of errors, module installation, SSL certificate implementation, server optimization or cashing functions to speed up PrestaShop store and many more.

All these tasks can be performed by our team. Before starting work, our software architect and the most experienced programmers will audit your online store. After the audit, we will be able to advise you which changes are worth implementing and in what order.

Make an appointment for a free consultation to learn about the audit offer, the introduction of changes and the resulting benefits.
We wrote about this in our freelancer or Prestashop agency article.

To sum up the topic - on the one hand, the Prestashop software has its source code, to which there is the official documentation of the store engine.

Of course, there are many issues that are not described in the documentation, but experienced programmers who have already implemented stores on Prestashop have no major problems to take over the project.

A little more of a challenge may arise if we implement a lot of our own solutions and it is done by an inexperienced programmer. Unfortunately, beginner or independent developers do not care about proper documentation and code structure. This can create problems when multiple developers are acquired or collaborate on a project.

It is also worth making sure that programmers, when implementing new functions in the store, modify and add the code in modules instead of in the core engine of the store. We wrote more about it in the article regarding updating the Prestashop store.

Free Online Consultation

Tell our IT architect about your project and business goals. He will find the best solution for your e-commerce and if we can meet your goals, you will receive a quote within 24 hours.

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