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Many businesses are moving their operations online, and new e-commerce stores are being created every day. You also run a store and are interested in the service of a Prestashop developer by the hour. Read the article below to learn who Prestashop developers are, what tasks they do, and what the price of their services is.

Who is a Prestashop developer 

A Prestashop developer is a person or company that works with one of the largest and most popular e-commerce systems, which is Prestashop. The tasks assigned to a developer are very complex, and not everyone works on all aspects from start to finish. Some of them operate in the front-end area, while others work in the back-end area, but the best specialists work on both areas of the Prestashop system simultaneously.

  1. A front-end developer
    Simply put, the front-end is everything the customer sees in an online store. It includes graphics, templates for Prestashop, all elements of the page’s appearance, all functionalities, responsiveness, navigation, layout, and most plugins and integrations. When working on the front end, languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used. 
  1. A back-end developer
    Back-end includes the area of a developer’s activity that is invisible to the customer
    . It concerns the entire backend of the online store, which is how it functions and how the store is managed. The technical backend also includes the server and the database, which are an absolute condition for the proper functioning of the e-commerce store. A back-end developer can create new modules, change the discount mechanism in the administrative panel, create shipping methods, and new modules that expand the store’s capabilities. 
  1. A full stack developer
    Both areas, front-end, and back-end are equally important. Programming them directly affects the correct functioning of the store. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced person working on them. The most sought-after developers are full-stack developers who know how to adapt visual elements and create modules and extend store functionality.

If you, as an online store owner, don’t have these skills yourself, you definitely need a developer or a company to help you implement a Prestashop store from A to Z.


What skills should a Prestashop programmer have?

The greater the knowledge and skills of a programmer, the fewer problems related to running an online store, and the greater the profits. So what skills should a good programmer have? Here are the most important ones:

  • Excellent knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and other technologies used to work on designing an online store.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of databases.
  • Awareness of the e-commerce market.
  • Possession of certificates attesting to completed courses and training as well as passing exams – in our team, we have certified full-stack programmers who can handle any problem.
  • Ability to accurately translate graphic designs into HTML code – no shortcuts.
  • Excellent knowledge of API integration.
  • Ability to work using code repositories.
  • Ideally, experience in designing online stores is reflected in the portfolio.


What is the scope of a programmer’s work? 

Programmers are usually expected to be versatile and capable of working in both front-end and back-end development. A programmer should be able to handle all the necessary tasks involved in creating an online store.

The most important tasks for a programmer include:

  • Installing Prestashop – a programmer should be able to do this with ease, which involves creating a database, uploading files to the server, and installing all the necessary elements.
  • Configuring Prestashop – installation is just the beginning, additional configuration is needed to ensure everything runs quickly and smoothly.
  • Updating Prestashop – the system is constantly evolving, so updates often need to be implemented by the programmer to an existing store.
  • Creating and modifying graphic templates – most clients expect individual and tailored solutions, so programmers should be familiar with popular graphic design programs.
  • Creating and modifying store functionality – a programmer must be able to develop modules that improve the functioning of an online store.
  • Optimizing store speed – both customers and store owners want their websites to run quickly and efficiently. To achieve this, programmers must perform a series of tasks on the store and server, as well as in the technical realm, which is impossible to accomplish through the administrative panel.
  • Importing/exporting data – clients often need to import products from external companies, and programmers should be able to do this while preserving all their elements and characteristics.
  • Modifying data in the database – programmers are also responsible for modifying or updating data as necessary.
  • Configuring server/hosting – the server hosting the online store should serve content as quickly as possible, be adapted to the Prestashop e-commerce system, and be properly secured – this is also a task for the programmer.
  • Creating Prestashop backups – to ensure the proper functioning of your online store, backups should be created. This will help you better deal with emergencies and other crises.


PrestaShop Developers by the hour 

Not many PrestaShop stores are large enough to justify hiring a full-time developer. Therefore, we usually hire developers on an hourly basis in fixed monthly packages or as needed for the implementation of changes. You can read more about who and when to hire in the article “Freelancer or PrestaShop agency”.


PrestaShop Developer – Pricing

Is there a pricing list for developer services? Yes. Usually when working with a freelancer or agency, you receive/negotiate a specified hourly rate for the developer’s work.

The hourly rate depends on several factors. Of course, the agency you collaborate with, the level of knowledge required to solve your problem, how many hours per month you purchase, whether it is a permanent or one-time collaboration, and many others.

Many people search for “developer Krakow” or “developer Warsaw”, but remember that the developer’s origin does not affect the quality of the code, but it may affect the price. 🙂

You can find the prices of example implementations in our article “PrestaShop store implementation costs”.



As you can see, the knowledge of a developer must be extensive. In addition to technical skills, a developer should know the store’s structure, have knowledge about hosting and domain traffic, and the e-commerce industry itself. You cannot become a developer after a one-month online course.

Training and exams with certificates are required. Investing in a good, experienced developer or company employing them will result in a stable, secure, and fast online store that meets your and your customers’ expectations.

Choose an experienced company with a rich portfolio. We are an example of such a company. We live and breathe the PrestaShop system, and have been meeting our clients’ expectations for years. We can help you too!


We have 9 programmers in our team. They have Prestashop certification and many years of experience. Make an appointment for a free consultation and receive a quote for your implementation within 24 hours.
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