The right implementation of a Prestashop store - 4 steps

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You’re reading this article because you’re about to choose a technological partner for your e-commerce. To choose correctly, you should find out how each agency leads its project and cooperates with clients. Today we will describe our process of implementing Prestashop and what further cooperation with Tebim looks like. 

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The types of implementation processes in Prestashop stores

First of all, note that cooperating with an agency can go two ways.

A new store

The first option is implementing Prestashop in the newly created store. In this case, we start from the beginning with designing and implementing the store’s software. The whole process takes about two months. 

An existing store

The second option regards development and maintenance work on an online store. If your store already exists our agency will “only” improve it and take care of its quick and stable operation. 

There are two options here. We can either implement specific changes for example regarding UX or optimizing the store’s engine and template, or a regular monthly cooperation model. 

The processes for a new or existing store differ immensely, so we will describe them separately. 

The process of implementing a new Prestashop store – 4 steps

  1. Coordinating implementation assumptions

With the help of videoconferences and e-mails, we will discuss the initial assumptions of the project and our cooperation with you. On their basis, you decide whether and when we start working together. If you need additional consultations, advice, or clarification of specific issues, we are here to help.

  1. Your project manager

At the beginning of our cooperation, you are assigned a coordinator, i.e. a project manager who manages the work done on your online store.

He studies your business to better understand it and your products.

The project manager must be well suited to a given field of activity so that we can create your store so that it meets your business goals in the best possible way. 

  1. A test version of the store

At a later stage of work, we prefer to use a task management system. In our agency, we use a system called Teamwork. You get your account in this system, which is used for communication between us. You can add and delegate new tasks to us.

The biggest benefit for you from using Teamwork is transparency. Every single hour of work on your project is registered in the system and described by whom and for what it was used.

  1. Our work template

Based on our many years of experience with e-commerce implementations, we created our own work template for new implementations. It is a list of tasks that should be performed by us in the implementation process. We also provide this template to you in the previously mentioned task management system.

In this template, the coordinator, based on subsequent points, discusses the necessary data and materials with you. He writes down what and when you should deliver to us so that the project runs smoothly.

You see in real-time:

  • what tasks in the project have already been completed,
  • who performed them,
  • how long it took to complete each task,
  • at the end of the month, you also receive a report in which you will find all the information regarding the work on your project.

Thanks to Teamwork and our work template, we are completely transparent. You see our work in black and white. Additionally, our team works on the project at the right pace to make sure that the implementation process is completed on time.


The process of implementing development and maintenance works in the store

  1. Delegating tasks

When developing your store, you enter the content of the task that we are to perform in Teamwork. Of course, you can consult the legitimacy of making changes to the store with us in advance.

In return, we describe the steps that will be performed in this said task. We also enter the acceptance criterium, i.e. what will be the basis for recognizing that we have performed the task correctly.

We also specify the estimated number of hours it will take us to complete a given order.

Thanks to this, you know what to expect and can decide whether you decide to carry out a given task or not.

  1. A test version of the store

For each client, we maintain a test version of the store, which is a 1:1 reflection of the production store. On the test version, together with the client, we test the solutions before implementing them in a working store. Thanks to this, we minimize failures during the implementation of changes or updates of the Prestashop store to basically zero.

  1.  Regular meetings

With constant cooperation, we arrange regular meetings with the client. We spend time talking about our and your ideas regarding the development of your online store.

  1. Consultations and advising

Apart from Teamwork, we can be contacted by e-mail, phone, or during a video conference with several people at once. We often consult with clients and based on our many years of experience in various industries, we advise whether a given idea or task makes sense at all in the case of their e-commerce store.

It’s normal that not everything is equally obvious to everyone. That is why consulting is needed because it is not always worth engaging our time and your money in work that will not ultimately bring you and your business the expected results.

We also use our experience in working with other clients and we know whether a given solution has brought them the intended results or not. This enables us to advise you.

Of course, we do not reveal who the client was. This knowledge is intended only for us, a professional secret and we cannot reveal it. But we can use the experience from previous cooperation with clients to help other businesses, including you.

In this aspect, we trust our customers and they trust us.

Without trust, there is no fruitful cooperation.


Summary – the process of implementing a store

Now you know what the process of implementing a Prestashop store and cooperation with our agency looks like.
We are focused on the best mutual understanding with the client. After all, both you and us want your e-commerce store to be successful.
We strive for high-quality service, transparency, accessibility, communication, and consulting because our experience shows that only such cooperation brings the intended effects in the long term.

Do you have any questions? Contact us! Remember, we always say that each project is different and requires an individual approach. Therefore, it is best to contact us and talk to discuss the goals and assumptions of your online store.
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