The cost of implementing a store on Prestashop - the prices of certain implementations

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You already know a lot about Prestashop implementations from our previous articles. We’re left with one key factor – the price. What is the cost of implementing Prestashop in your e-commerce? Why do the costs vary? What is the cost of implementing specific modules? You’ll learn the answers to all of these questions in this article.


The cost of implementing Prestashop on your own

If you decide to implement your online store on Prestashop on your own, then you’ll be able to connect the store engine and payment methods in just one work day and spend less than 2 thousand PLN.
But if you’re just starting in the industry and don’t know the technical aspects, or the bases of coding, then it may take you months to learn. If you take the costs of your work, education, and moving the implementation by a few months, the final costs will come out much larger. You may also not be satisfied with the result or encounter problems that you don’t know how to solve.

Maybe it’s better to pay someone instead of learning from your own mistakes. The decision is up to you. One of our previous articles, in which we explained if it’s best to implement on your own, with the help of a freelancer, or an e-commerce agency can help you decide.


Hiring an implementation agency

We already explained how to choose a Prestashop agency but, remember that the implementation process is divided into two modules: 

  • implementing the store on the client’s server which is based on a ready-made template, adjusted to his needs and requirements
  • creating a dedicated design from the beginning based on the client’s needs or correct UX practices 


What affects the costs of implementing Prestashop?

  1. The template type

Choosing the work model has the largest impact on the cost of implementing e-commerce. Working with a ready-made template is easier and quicker so the implementation is cheaper. An individual project, on the other hand, has to be designed according to the client’s needs and requirements and is always more complicated and time-consuming. That’s why the cost of an individual project is more expensive.

  1. The number and types of functionalities

Every company has different needs and expectations when it comes to their store and may need nonstandard functionalities which require more work on our side.

  1. Using external modules

Prestashop stores are expanded through modules (at least that’s how it’s supposed to be done), so we can buy solutions fitting your store. For example, if you want to have a module that imports and exports CSV files, the total cost of buying and implementing the module will be 1200 PLN net.

  1. The number of customizations 

What is customization? The easiest way to explain is that it’s our answer to your needs, the personalization of standard functions, actions, or the store appearance. The more work, and time, and the higher the difficulty level of the task, the higher the price.

  1. Integration with external systems 

For example, if you would like to have an integration with an ERP or invoice-accounting system, these are elements that expand the basic Prestashop functions, so they will cost extra. Some systems require creating a dedicated module and advanced configuration to allow full automation processes.


Common elements in ready-made and individual templates

The costs of running the store

No matter what work model you choose, a few fixed costs have to be taken into account: 

  • First of all, the right server. The costs of hosting in the first year for a standard store will cost about 100 PLN net. In the next years, the costs will rise to about 800 PLN net per year. 
  • You also have to have a domain. There are many providers. If you buy a domain in your country, the cost will be about 10 PLN net in the year. In the next years, it will be from about 50 to 100 PLN
  • You should also take an SSL certificate into account because it’s necessary. Many hosting providers allow free use of SSL certificates and that’s enough. This is why you should ask your provider if he offers this service. 

The cost of implementing functionalities

Every online store owner, including you, can want additional functionalities implemented. In most cases, it will be a one-time cost for the module and the work of the person who is implementing it.

The cost of implementing functionalities:

  • CSV import and export mechanisms – the cost of installing modules is about one work hour and the cost of the license is about 1200 PLN.
  • An expanded main menu – the cost is about 500 PLN plus around 10 work hours which gives a total of 1800 PLN. 
  • A visual product description editor – let’s say that you don’t want dry text with a few photos, but you want to be able to add different types of formatting such as a photo gallery or a gallery of attributes. This type of CMS creator costs around 1800 PLN. 
  • Installing analytics, Facebook, and Messenger – we add this to the implementation for free
  • Changing the buying process – if you, for example, choose buying on one page which means “one-page checkout” which is an additional paid module, it will cost 1000 PLN.
  • BaseLinker integration (or other external platforms) – it costs around 500 PLN 
  •  Integration with accounting software and CRM – there are ready-made systems like Subject which already have a produced integration. The cost is around 800 PLN for the license plus 20% of this price for updates.

That would be all when it comes to common elements for both Prestashop implementation models. Now let’s discuss the differences


A ready-made vs dedicated template – comparing costs

A ready-made Prestashop template

The template itself may cost about 500 PLN. Remember that there isn’t a template that would 100% fit the needs of an online store owner. The template lowers to cost of implementation but usually requires additional work, fixing the layout of certain elements. Looks may vary. Depending on the number of customizations it will cost between 5-10 thousand PLN

The store also has to be tested to check if everything works correctly. We also have to run the project which means creating a work environment for the programmers. That is the cost of one day’s work which is between 1200-1500 PLN. Integrations with either Baselinker or ERP are additional costs. 

The cost of designing a dedicated template

Here we have a completely different situation. The amount of work and the degree of difficulty are different every time. Here we are dealing with designing the UX and UI layers, as well as planning the arrangement of elements in the store. The cost of preparing such a project alone is 10-15 thousand PLN, depending on how many views you need. The key is whether it will be just the design of the home page, a search category on the product page, or the entire purchasing process that your customers go through. Such work requires our constant contact so that the effect of our agency’s work does not disappoint you. Remember that it costs a lot of time and work of design and implementation specialists. 

Here we take into account:

  • the cost of the UX designer’s work,
  • template coding and its implementation,
  • initial configuration of the store design,
  • the calibration of payment and shipping methods.

The total price of implementing a store with a dedicated template is about 45 000 PLN

To compare, if you choose a ready-made template, it will be 5-10 thousand PLN. 


How long will the implementation of Prestashop take?

Implementing a system based on a ready but optimized template will take much less time than implementing an individual template. In the first case, the work lasts about 100 hours, which takes one month. In the second case, with intensive work, it takes two months.



As you now know, when it comes to implementing an online store on Prestashop, costs vary based on many things, and without knowing your project, there is simply no way of estimating how much you’ll pay. We have to approach each client individually. We need to contact you and discuss your needs and expectations to estimate the costs of implementing your store on Prestashop.


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Author: CEO & IT Architect

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